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With ever growing concern regarding the Corona Virus (Covid-19) hospitals and visitors must be screened.  The transmission is looking like it is airborne and significantly contagious.  The virus is spreading all over the world and communities are seeing very fast spread.  The CDC has a website to keep you informed on the growing threat. What measures can be taken to screen all potentially affected individuals?    

Touch-less Thermometer
Touch-less temperature evaluation.

The earliest signs of the disease are a chronic cough, difficulty breathing and a mild fever.  All patients with early symptoms should seen immediately for evaluation at your nearest emergency room and not at the doctor’s office, which is not prepared to deal with such exposure.  Emergency rooms should dedicate specific quarantined areas to evaluate potential individuals that may be affected and present with these symptoms. Schools and employers should consider having a healthcare professional taking a temperature of every individual. A normal temperature id 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature of 100.5 or higher is significant. The testing should be documented.

Tools for evaluation. Telehealth and infrared temperature thermometers do not touch a person’s skin and are best for this type of evaluation.  Please contact us at info@telehealth-1.com to order products. We are ready to support hospitals in the United States with your orders. More info…