Better Healthcare.
Enhanced Efficiency.

Better Healthcare.
Enhanced Efficiency.

Telehealth Benefits

• See More Patients
• Improved access to care delivery
• Improved healthcare quality
• More Intelligent Solution
• Increase Revenue

VSee Messenger Pro

Vsee Messenger is the easiest and most efficient way to develop a Telehealth program. It is easier to use for you and your patient. You should download onto your smart phone, iPad, laptop and desktop.

If you need the VSee telehealth service.
$49 / month / provider!

Connect with us!

We can help you with your Telehealth initiatives.

VSee Clinic & Hospitals

Telehealth for Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals.

Our system makes the connection easier and the scheduling a breeze. Your doctors in a clinic or a hospital department can quickly create a telehealth platform that is white labeled with your brand. The opportunity to deliver healthcare in a more efficient manner is best for everyone. It creates convenience for the patient and satisfaction for the provider.

Specifically designed for the healthcare user — simple, secure video, text chat, document-sharing, peripheral streaming, & more! You can communicate with your home healthcare provider, patient, colleague and deliver healthcare more efficiently.

The Telehealth Experience for a Patient is Great.

Create your clinic to give patients experience you want.

Features Including

Scheduling, short EMR, billing and more. It is aimed for efficiently creating a telehealth program for medical groups, clinics, hospitals and departments.
Password-less Authentication
Patented Technology