Digital Health

Telehealth and Digital Health Solutions

We are focused on delivering telehealth and digital health solutions for chronic care management.  Our solutions can decrease hospitalizations and emergency room visits while improving patient satisfaction.  Healthplans, hospital systems including ACOs you may contact us for setting up a meeting.

Chronic Care Management

Cardiovascular – Diabetes – Elderly Care


Touch-less Thermometer

That’s right. Just 1 second. You get your baby’s temperature instantly. No more fiddling to get the right position and waiting for seconds or even minutes for the results.

Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

It has been tested many times under internationally held standards for blood glucose meters before we decided it was ready to be in your hands.

Blood Pressure Monitor

With just one look, clearly see your blood pressure, heart rate and blood pressure range. Readings are represented by four different colors, as per the JNC standards.

Body Composition Scale

No matter whether we are young or old, our health should still be the first priority. Knowing your weight and body composition gives you the opportunity to make better decisions regarding your lifestyle habits. Your body won’t always tell you directly what it needs, but iHealth Core can be the messenger.

Pulse Oximeter

Accurately measure your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index with our wireless pulse oximeter. Clinically tested.